Welcome to Local Farmer, where our goal is `Bringing Small Farms to the Table´

Smaller scale farmers across the Globe are increasingly more aware of the importance of good agricultural and manufacturing practices, and taking the initiative to meet the increasing demand of government regulations like the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and audit certification requirements of procurers. And most importantly, to supply food to their customers that has been grown and handled to prevent contamination.

At Local Farmer, we want to offer valuable educational experiences and tools for small-scale farmers to develop and verify implementation of Personalized Food Safety plans, and to act as a "bridge of assurance" for the purposes of marketing their food safety progress to procurers, local food aggregators, and new government requirements for growing, harvesting, packing and holding of produce for human consumption. Our collective goal is to decrease barriers to entry in new and/or existing markets for participating smaller scale local farmers.

Additionally, we're bringing Procurers to you! The Search Local Farmer online and mobile food safety information exchange, affords Local Farmer participants two different platforms to market their food safety efforts and products and compete in a climate that increasingly demands food safety.

We invite you to explore the public pages by clicking on the tabs above to learn more about Local Farmer Program, its extensive learning tools and how to Sign Up Today!

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I was delighted to participate in the “Local Farmer Program Personalized Food Safety Plan Workshop and Mock Audit Experience”. It was an excellent training, very well planned and you are an excellent presenter. Your knowledge and your personal experience validates your teachings. The hands on experience in Kai-Kai Farm was very good, a great way to learn. They have a beautiful operation and I appreciate their willingness to have us. I did learn a lot from this training.

Ada Medina-Solorzano,
Extension Agent, Cooperative Extension PBC/UF
The Local Farmer Program workshop and mock audit revealed many practical methods in improving food safety programs for small farm producers. It was a valuable experience that really helped clarify the process of on-farm food safety planning and auditing.

Rebecca Barocco,
Graduate Student, University of Florida Doctor of Plant Medicine Program